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One of the biggest brands worldwide, Joma Sport is joining AYMOD

The leading sports company in Spain and one of the biggest brands worldwide, Joma Sport is joining the 62nd AYMOD.
Aymod, which is the largest exhibition of the Turkish Footwear and Handbag Industry, will welcome the company, which is one of the top 10 sports brands in the world.
As a modern and dynamic company, and the leading brand of Spain, Joma Sport is focused on design, technological innovation and offering clients the best quality products at the best price, which results in the brand leading the Spanish market regarding with more than 50% of the market share.
When it comes to design and innovation, the company carries out an in-depth study of the colors and materials that are used, incorporating the latest technologies to create quality products.
All of this, coming together with the tendencies in the sports and fashion world, is the reason why Joma Sport has reached the highest levels of success worldwide, as well as taking the first position at a national level.
As another sign of its recognition, the company will be with the Olympic Committee in the two next Olympic Games, providing all the necessary sports equipment for more than 700 Olympic athletes.
The world-renowned brand will display its latest and most beloved designs at the 62nd AYMOD, between the dates of October 2-5, 2019 at CNR EXPO, the center of global trade.