• 65th International Footwear Fashion Fair
  • 29 September-2 October 2021
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AYMOD and the Footwear Industry from a connoisseur’s point of view

Büyükekşi: “We will achieve our export target of 1 billion dollars.”


Ziylan Group Company’s Executive Board Member Mehmet Büyükekşi gave the statement:

“By the end of March, we have achieved an export volume of 295 million dollars. Last year our industry had an export volume of 888 million dollars. We will achieve our export target of 1 billion dollars.”

Büyükekşi reminded that there isn’t another exhibition similar to AYMOD, which is organized for the 61st time, adding: “This is hard to see even in Europe. This exhibition has been organized for 30 years, twice a year. The industry always came together to support AYMOD and made it what it is today.”

AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Exhibition welcomed more than 1.000 brands that shape the footwear and leather accessories industry at CNR EXPO İstanbul.


“There are not many sectors as successful in Turkey”


Büyükekşi pointed out that the Footwear Industry carries great importance for the Turkish Fair Organization industry: “We are organizing AYMOD for the 61’st time. This is remarkable for our industry. I always considered it to be a great example of collaboration. This is why the footwear industry never strayed from its path and achieved its targets.


AYMOD, organized by CNR Holding and supported by TASD, hosted procurement committees from 60 countries on 60 thousand sqm.