• 65th International Footwear Fashion Fair
  • 29 September-2 October 2021
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Yoruk women will make shoes at AYMOD

Turkey’s biggest footwear exhibition İstanbul International Footwear Fashion Fair AYMOD, which is the second biggest worldwide, will start on April 4-7 at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy.   


The women shoemakers of the Yeşilyuva, a village of Acıpayam town where people have been making shoes for 400 years in Denizli, will be present at the International Footwear Fashion Fair.


During the event, Women of Yeşilyuva will make the traditionally handmade shoes in the Yoruk tent.


At the event, another tent will be sent up to explain the modern automation process where the robotic automation of the footwear industry will be demonstrated with barcovision and video shows.