• 63rd AYMOD İstanbul International Footwear Fashion Fair
  • 1-4 April 2020
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600 milion shoes from Turkey sold worldwide!

More than 10 thousand products displayed by over 500 world-renowned brands received thumbs up from industry professionals. The exhibition, which set footwear trends worldwide, welcomed over 30 thousand professionals who change the future of the sector. Kobi Levi, the shoe designer of Lady Gaga, fascinated the visitors with his works as well as his speech at the T-Talks seminar.
Tens of thousands of shoes were introduced at AYMOD, the most comprehensive exhibition of Turkey and Europe in its field, and the second worldwide. The exhibition provided a platform for potential trade opportunities, enabling exhibitors to establish billion-dollar business deals.
Thousands of new designs were exhibited from women’s, men’s and kids’ shoes to classic, sports and handmade shoes at AYMOD, which met the footwear needs of 600 million people making up the population in Turkey and the neighbouring region, including Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. The exhibition hosted over 30 thousand visitors from many other countries including Italy, Israel, UAE, Poland, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Czechia, Montenegro, and Lebanon.