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Massive contribution from AYMOD to the $1 billion export target

59th AYMOD Exhibition held between 4-7 April hosted 41.926  visitors.


The AYMOD Exhibition that gives direction to the footwear industry was held in 60 thousand sqm closed exhibition area and received intense attention from 41.926 visitors, of which 36.769 were national, and 5.157 were international. Over 400 global exhibitors with more than 1,000 brands participated in the exhibition where a delegation of 600 procurement professionals from over 80 countries was hosted. The exhibition significantly contributed to the $1 billion export target of 2018.


AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Exhibition which is the world's second and Turkey's biggest exhibition in the footwear industry took place on 4-7 April at CNR Expo Yeşilköy. Over 400 domestic and international exhibitors with their more than 1.000 brands that shape the footwear industry participated in the exhibition organized by Pozitif Fuarcılık operating within CNR Holding in association with Footwear Industrialists Association of Turkey (TASD). The organization was supported by the Footwear Industry Research, Development, and Education Foundation of Turkey (TASEV) and KOSGEB. The latest classical and trendy products of the season from women's, men's and children's shoes to boots, from slippers to bags were displayed during the Exhibition organized for the 59th time this year. 41.926 people from around the world visited the exhibition spread over 60.000 sqm area that lasted for four days. Apart from the leading national and international brands of the industry, a procurement committee of 600 professionals from over 80 countries was welcomed.


The export target for 2023 is $2.5 billion

The women from the Yeşilyuva Village in Denizli, the Aegean city where shoe manufacturing is 1,000 years old, became the center of attention with handcrafted shoes that they displayed in the yoruk (nomad) tent. Pearl encrusted bridal shoes worth $ 3,000, the handbag made of snakeskin worth 10.000 TL and boots designed for women made of buffalo skin worth 1.100 TL each were among the eye-catching products getting full marks from the visitors. The AYMOD exhibition contributed significantly to the shoe industry that aims $1 billion in exports in 2018. The export target of the industry that sells over 250 million pairs of shoes in Turkey and has $300 million export volume yearly is $2.5 billion for 2023.